Kureekkad, Puthiyakavu, Thiruvankulam, Kochi
+91 484-2777039
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Kureekkad, Puthiyakavu, Thiruvankulam, Kochi
+91 484-2777039
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The Kshethra Samuchayam Or Temple Complex

The Shethra Samuchayam or Temple Complex, consists of 13 small Temples, dedicated to saints and sages.The shrine for Maha yogi Agasthyar,the ageless Guru of Gurus, was the first to be built, and the entire complex is named, "Agasthyasram" in His honor. His Holiness Sree Sudheer Guru once said "All sciences, including siddha and ayurveda madicine, have come to us from our great Vedic teachers, but we have not built any temples for them.The present and future generation needs a place where they can seek the blessings of these great souls, or at least have some notion of what they did." As one might expect, the rituals performed in these temples are also appropriately distinctive. The Murtis in the sanctums are anointed with the juice of medicinal plants instead of milk and ghee.Garlands made of grasses,seeds,and leaves from medicinal plants are also used.The prasadam given out after the temple pujas by the well trained,non-brahmin priests consists of healthful herbs instead of sugary sweets.

The design of this temple construction represents a famous vedic scene called "Naimisharanyam" in which wise men sit together in spiritual conclave for the benefit of all mankind. As a devotee enters the Temple complex through its main enterance to the south, he comes upon Lord Siva in the form of Dashinnamurti enshrined to the North. In two facing rows to the East and West, twelve shrines six on either side, house the images of famous Vedic healers, saints and sages, including Maha yogi Sree Agasthyar,Lopamudra Devi, Oushada Ganapathy, Danuwndhri Maharishi, Jana Murugan, Markandeyan, Bharadwaja Maharishi, Athri Maharishi Anasuya Devi, Saubhagya Mahalakshmi, Bhrigu Maharishi, Arundhati Devi Vasishta Maharishi and Narada Maharishi

Every Friday morning Agasthyasram Temple offers Mulichar (fresh herbal medicinal juice) for all. It is an added benefit to the patients to revitalize their immune system.

Along with improvement of physical pain, the temple and the Devatas can help you with your spiritual and emotional needs. The friendly pujaris are knowledgeable and willing to help you.




Karuka Sun Relief from anxciety and diseases
Visnukrati Vishnu Blessings of Vishnu Bhagavan
Thruthali Laxmi Prosperity
Puvamkurudhila Brhama Relief from poverty
Kajjunni Siva Panchapankashanti
Mukkutti Parvati Happiness in married life
Nilapana Mother Earth Papanashanam
Uzija Indrani Fulfilment of desires
Cherula Yamadharman Long life
Muyalcheviyan Kamadevan Good luck for marriage


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