Kureekkad, Puthiyakavu, Thiruvankulam, Kochi
+91 484-2777039
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Kureekkad, Puthiyakavu, Thiruvankulam, Kochi
+91 484-2777039
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Hospitals/facilities and services

In 1991 Agasthya Medical Center the first Hospital or treatment center was founded by His Holiness Sree Sudheer Vaidyan and his Charitable Trust known as the Agasthyasram, in the city of Tripunithura in the South Indian State of Kerala. Here Ayurveda,Siddha and Holistic treatments are given for acute and chronic illnesses. Treatments provided for Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Cervical spondylosis, Anklysing spondylosis, diseases of the Spine, Disk problems, all forms of Sprains, Tendon, Cartilage injuries, Bone fractures, all mechanical defects of the body caused by hits, falls and accidents.

The second hospital or treatment center called Agasthya Chikitsa Kendra, is close to the Temple Complex, in the city of Kureekad, near Tripunithura. It is a three story modern building, with 18 rooms for patient and a companion to stay during treatment. Patients are free to attend the Temple pujas, visit Sree Sudheer Guru's Samadhi Mandhir, talk to a friendly pujari, attend the classes and sat sang provided at the ashram, go sit and relax at the library, check out books from the library, or just walk around and enjoy the serenity of the place.

Today, the message of Agasthyasram and the Hospitals are the same message of love and compassion, spread by our Guru, our guiding light, Sri Sudheer Vaidyan. We want all our suffering fellow beings in the whole world to know that there are treatments available for all kinds of back problems and chronic and acute pains, without surgery. Our ayurvedic and marma massages are tailored to relieve pain and restore flexibility,to help you to live a pain free life. Your responsibility is to make adjustments for proper exercise, proper food, proper relaxation and positive thinking. Don't let pain hold you as a captive.

Facilities provided

  • Patient rooms with two beds for patient and one companion.
  • You can buy hot vegetarian meals from the ventor.
  • Morning and after noon tea is provided.
  • Herbal water is provided.
  • Library with huge collection of ancient and modern books at Kureekad. You can check out books to your rooms.
  • Restaurants and shops are close by at Agasthya Medical Centre, at Kureekad they are few blocks away.

Things to bring with you :(please travel light)

  • Thin towels 3 for treatments.
  • Old clothes (dothi or night gowns) to wear during treatments.
  • Comfortable clothes to wear while resting.
  • A flash light.
  • Steel plates,cups,kinif,spoons, own sheets and pillow cases if you prefer.
  • Last but not least,your happy self with a very positive attitude,and all will be well.

Do's and Dont's

  • Do not sleep during the day
  • Do not stay awake at night.
  • Do not sit,stand, or lie in one position continuously.
  • Change positions at intervals.
  • Avoid continuous watching of T.V. or reading.
  • Avoid nonvegitarian foods.
  • Avoid smoking,and alcahol consumption.
  • Avoid cituations which create physical or mental stress or strain.
  • Do not use lap top or mobile phone continuously.
  • Patients having vasti (enema) should take light food only.
  • For thaila vasti (oil enema) take lunch before vasti and rest in room.
  • For kashya vasti (decoction enema)take lunch just after vasti.
  • Observe celebacy.
    Duration of rest after treatment is double that of the treatment time, ie-21 days treatment rest period is 42 days.

Contact us

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