Kureekkad, Puthiyakavu, Thiruvankulam, Kochi
+91 484-2777039
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Kureekkad, Puthiyakavu, Thiruvankulam, Kochi
+91 484-2777039
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Agasthyasram, is a charitable trust, founded in 1991 by His Holiness Sree Sudheer Vaidyan. He is one of the great Saints of modern times. This Self realized Master was an embodiment of love, humility and compassion. Although He had always helped the less fortunate and the helpless, His secret spiritual aspiration had always been to build temples dedicated to the worship of Saints and Sages, and that is what exactly He did next.

Under the charitable trust they bought some marshy land in the city of Kureekad in the South Indian state of Kerala, and on that land they first built a temple for Maha yogi Sree Agasthyar, the ageless Guru of Gurus. Since then 12 other temples were built one after another, for Saints and Sages. The entire complex of 13 small temples was named Agasthyasram in honor of Agasthya Muni.

The design of this unique temple construction represents a famous Vedic scene called "Naimisharanyam" in which Sages sit together in spiritual conclave for the benefit of all mankind. As a devotee enters the temple complex through its main entrance to the south, he comes upon Lord Siva in the form of Dakshinamurti enshrined to the Norrth. In two facing rows to the East and West, twelve shrines, six on either side, house the images of Vedic healers, Saints and Sages.

Sree Sudheer Guru once said "All the sciences, including siddha and ayurveda medicine, have come to us from our great Vedic teachers, but we have not built any temples for them. The present and future generation needs a place where they can seek the blessings of these great souls, or at least have some notion of what they did". He dedicated Agasthyasram to humanity; there are no boundaries of religion, nationality, colour or caste. All are welcome, He loved and respected all.

At the same time in 1991, He also started the treatment center (or hospital) called Agasthya Medical Centre in Tripunithura. Here treatments are provided, for chronic illnesses, such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, cervical spondylosis, all forms of diseases of the spine, disk problems, all forms of sprains, tendon and cartilage injuries, bone fractures, all mechanical defects of the body caused by hits, falls and accidents and much more. Many cases deemed incurable by modern medicine, were treated and cured by Him. His methods were more mystical than orthodox. Soon He was running three other treatment centers, providing relief to the suffering.

Long before he was scheduled to leave His physical body, His reputation as a practitioner of siddha and ayurveda medicine had extended worldwide. People from all over the world came for consultation and treatment. They got more than they bargained for. In the company of this great Saint and Mystic their pains melted away, He filled them with peace.

He completed His life's mission and attained Samadhi in 2003.Certainly Sree Sudheer Guru lives on in our hearts and as one more of Agasthyasram's illustrious inner-plane assembly of the Saints and Sages.

Today all of the projects that Sree Sudheer Guru set in motion are coming to life, according to His vision, under the watchful eyes of His disciple Dr. Yogidas and the charitable trust. Today Agasthyasram have, the Temple Complex, two treatment centers, and Prayer hall, Auditorium, Library and Gosala. Dr.Yogidas said "We feel His presence here, we are confident that all He conceived will manifest". Another one of His vision is coming alive, plans are made for the construction of the Guest home, for the rehabilitation of the elderly, helpless women, children, and terminally ill. Construction will commence with the funds we have.

We humbly request your generous donations to these project.All donations are tax deductible.

Gurudev, s five simple steps to happiness and success.

  • 1. Love of God
  • 2. Purity of heart
  • 3. Unselfish service
  • 4. Contentment
  • 5. See God in all beings.


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